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Sports Physical Therapist

What Is A Sports Physical Therapist?

February 20th, 2021

Did You Know Physical Therapy Could Help Improve Your Sports Performance? Sports physical therapy is an ever-growing field of focus. In fact, according to the International Journal of Sports Physical Therapy, “The specialty niche of sports physical therapy has grown at a significant rate over the past 40 years.” So, what does a sports physical

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Treating Sciatica with Chiropractic Care

February 10th, 2021

Living with Sciatica? Consult with a Chiropractor! Tiger Woods swears by it. So do Barry Bonds and Joe Montana. But does chiropractic care really help sciatica, or is it “all in their heads”? As it turns out, there are medically sound reasons why the kind of treatments chiropractors offer may provide substantial relief from the

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Ask Subrat: Water# 1 Is there a right and wrong way to consume it?

October 19th, 2020

October 15 2020 Drinking Water Part 1 Mon, 10/19 6:29AM • 12:40 SUMMARY KEYWORDS drink, water, thirsty, cooler, talk, dehydration, ice, chips, medication, body, put, eat, room temperature water, treat, suppresses, alkaline, room temperature, thirst, add, consume SPEAKERS Subrat Hello, everyone, this is Subrat  Benipati . I’m a physical therapist. We treat people with chronic

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