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Ask Subrat: Water# 1 Is there a right and wrong way to consume it?

October 19th, 2020

October 15 2020 Drinking Water Part 1 Mon, 10/19 6:29AM • 12:40 SUMMARY KEYWORDS drink, water, thirsty, cooler, talk, dehydration, ice, chips, medication, body, put, eat, room temperature water, treat, suppresses, alkaline, room temperature, thirst, add, consume SPEAKERS Subrat Hello, everyone, this is Subrat  Benipati . I’m a physical therapist. We treat people with chronic

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What is Pain, and How Does It Work_

October 6th, 2020

Tue, 10/6 3:53pm What is pain and how does it work? Hello, everyone, Subrat again. In this week’s blog , I’m going to cover pain. Well, I made a lot more video about pain, but pain in general, it is very complicated. If you know im the chronic pain expert, and that is non invasive,

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Ask Subrat

October 2nd, 2020

WJPF Radio with Synergy Therapeutic Group Fri, 10/2 10:44AM • 21:20 A subject this morning that is close to a lot of people in Southern Illinois.  We’ve got people who think they cannot go through life without a pain pill. And this morning, I was lucky enough to get a guest from the Synergy therapeutic

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