What is Pain, and How Does It Work_

October 6th, 2020

Tue, 10/6 3:53pm

What is pain and how does it work?

Hello, everyone, Subrat again. In this week’s blog , I’m going to cover pain. Well, I made a lot more video about pain, but pain in general, it is very complicated. If you know im the chronic pain expert, and that is non invasive, drug free, all natural chronic pain.  So, pain is such a thing. If you ask 100 people, they will have different ideas.  That’s okay because they are thinking or whatever is that experiences that they’re going to talk about.


Today I personally am talking about I’ve been to school, almost like 30 years back, that does not mean that I’m not learning everyday, or I’m not going to different type of courses or anything like that. That’s what I do every single day, every single year. When I was going to physical therapy School, 30 years back, whatever we learned, and what I know now, is a big difference. We have come full 360 in our approach. So it is quite different. This is going to be multi part, multi series video.   Bear with me, because this is actually a very, very difficult topic. You already have your own thinking in your mind. Whenever I talk to you, or you watch this video, it may sound different and I will try my best to simplify and try to explain everything to you. 

When we have pain.

When we have pain, we have some kind of idea, this is a sensation. Okay? Before we begin to understand pain, we need to think about our body first.  Before we get to the body, we need to step back a little bit further. We think about our being a human being. In a human being the main word is being and the being is not just the body. There is a key difference. 

We are not just body,  I understand  you agree with me, that we have a body that’s correct, you have a body, I have a body we all have a body, that is absolutely right. We have not the whole being body is not the whole being, there is more to the body. There is more to the body, we have a mind. Well, you might jokingly say that you lost your mind or you don’t know where your mind is, your mind is elsewhere, but at least you have a mind.

Now we agree that being human being is not just the body, we are dealing with not only body, we are dealing with the mind as well.  In the being there is another component we call it the spirit.  Spirit is the one which most of the people I talk to during workshops are all facing. They do agree they have a mind and there is a body and the spirit sometimes can be taken in a religious way depending which religion you are from, It does not really matter. We are not here to discuss religion. We are talking about the science behind a condition and we are trying to understand which is why it is very important to understand.  

What is the Spirit ?  Imagine when we break down a human being. When we break it down to the smallest particle we are going to get to some kind of error or some atomic particle. When we break our muscles and our our tissue into smaller parts. Ultimately we get into the atom.  Einstein, said “everything else is energy”. So, in other way, we can say that we are just full of energy but where is the evidence that we are full of energy? Well if you have been before to have eg ECG, these are all the electrical activities that the machine reads that your body produces and are in a an MRI. MRI, stands for magnetic resonance imaging. there has to be opposite magnetic field resonating with another magnetic field to produce an image.  

The MRI machine is producing a magnetic field, but there should be another magnetic field, so that it can produce resonance. Our body produces magnetic energy. That’s why as a whole we are an energetic being, which is called the Spirit. Now, we know our body is not just body, it is body, it is  mind and it is  spirit.  All of these three are the major components of being the way we are.

It is extremely important to understand.  Why I have to say all these things in order to understand pain, we have to look into all of these these angles as a whole, we cannot just focus on the body, let’s for the discussion, say less, we take three components mind body and spirit, and we divide it into thirds. One third, one third, one third, okay. If we are focusing on one third, this is only the body, to understand one thing, that is the pain, if that is what we are going to treat, for arguments sake, we will be wrong two thirds of the time, and our understanding is not going to be complete. That’s exactly what happened when I went to physical therapy school.

We were learning the body and all of our pathways, because the mind and the spirit understand all of the diseases processes, however remember, I made another video in the past, where I said only 2 to 3% of the problem / diagnosis is the pain, it is produced externally 97 to 98% of the time. When these problems happen, it is actually internal and your body is not in the right condition. It creates all of these things. Basically, we have to consider mind, body and spirit in case we want to understand the pain. 

When you are talking about pain, there should then be components of physical, then there is a component of mind, there is body, there is a mind and that is a component or spirit. So that is a baseline are going to give you for understanding for the about the so pain is what it is. It is just a sensation.  In order to understand we need to understand a little bit more about what I’m talking about with this sensation. For example, if I ask you how you see , you’re probably going to say well, I see through my eyes. If I ask you how you hear you say well, I have ears that’s how I hear. 

If I ask you how you taste you respond with my tongue or my mouth.  How do you feel you say well I feel with my skin and the truth is, you do not see through your eyes, you do not hear through your ears, you do not feel anything from your skin. What are our eyes.  What are the ears and  the skin these actually do nothing, they only gather the data. Yes, you heard it right. They only gather data. I can gather up a bunch of data and give it to you, it is not going to make any sense to you. It will be letters and numbers and it will be very random.  Data gathering does not mean anything.

In order to understand data, you need to have a context and you need to have a formula or some program to run the data. The data will then make sense. Your eyes actually collect the visual data. When you hear anything your ears collect data, your skin collects data and the data is processed by your central computer or your CPU, that is your brain.  The brain has to make sense to you. Let me give you an example. For example, you are walking down the street with your dog and you suddenly smell barbecue . It is probably some hamburgers getting barbecued.

So you smell. Maybe you can see some smoke that is coming from somebody’s backyard. You smell and you see something, but that is what is going to mean a lot more to you. Maybe you love hamburgers. You can now see how many things your brain is interpreting. Not only are you getting hungry now your mouth is salivating. Now your brain is doing the calculation because It knows where it is coming from. On the other hand, suppose I’m walking down the road, and I smell some hamburgers cooking when I’m actually a vegetarian.  I might not feel the same way you feel. All of  this data gets collected, and it makes it usable for you. That is why when we are talking about a being it is an important part. 

You to to understand that when we are discussing all of these senses that we  actually have many more than these when the senses are not interpreted properly. Seeing a lot of children here with what we call a sensory processing disorder because they cannot process sensation the way it should be. We call this a sensory processing disorder. So all these senses have to be interpreted by your brain and make it useful to you. This is extremely important to understand. We are talking about our body, our body is a  very complicated, machine. I don’t like to call our body a machine. If we understand that we’re the most complicated and lacking important knowledge. We now take a simplistic view of pain.  I get hurt by your pain and I am going to fix it. That is the wrong way to go.

There is a reason almost a hundred and twenty people every single day don’t know much about pain and the fact that we are about to discover all of these beautiful things about pain.  I’m going to continue this video in my next section. If you like this video, share it with your friends and family.  When you share it more and meet more people they will be able to understand that they can make the right decision to take the right path. Thank you so much for watching. Have a wonderful day.