Ask Chandana

October 2nd, 2020

Chandana talks about helping children to follow tasks.

Fri, 10/2 2:09PM • 12:36


Hello, parents Welcome back. I did talk to you guys in my last video about to gather the to do the right thing. We have a positive behavior are when we talk about in general. Anything we want the children to be able to do things correctly, things happening.

First of all, we need to look around at what is going on with us. We need to figure out is the act most hilarious. All right, what is the environment that assessment is needs to be done. It’s amazing to figure out that when I come across a lot of children when we are so focused with so much of behavior, we don’t realize that how our behavior impacts our children. And they become the reflection, which I mentioned about in my last video. And interesting enough, I was working with one kid yesterday, 13 years old.

When I asked him, he was like to just to do some basic positive exercise when I was talking to Mom, mom is a person here. She was mentioning that how he is not cooperating. He’s having a lot of kind of gets angry and upset and some behavior thing, what’s going on.

Whenever I went, you know, when he came to see me and I was talking to him, and then we were going to do some of the breathing exercises, which I am going to go over today. with you. Then he was mentioning it is very interesting to just to sit down to do the basic breathing exercises. He started complaining he has a lot of back pain. And he’s only 13 years old, he cannot sit upright.

So when I look back there, you know. I know we are seeing moms here for severe back pain. The kid he is been seeing mom with the back pain. Every single day at that has reflected him to be complaining about his back and discomfort. And he also he said that is true.

That’s kind of so true about that how my parents they feel I feel. He said yes, my mom has this back pain and she cannot function so many times. And I notice I am starting to feel the pain. And also same way. He said his from his side. That days, my dad is something going on.

My dad cannot sleep at night, I noticed the same thing happens to me. I am having hard time to be able to sleep at night too. So this is a simple example. And also same thing I have seen it again and again.

When we are working, you’re doing things a lot of fat. And but you know a lot of things are happening. One time I see a kid they come all warmed up and I feel like the child is a different child. So when I am trying to go to the bottom of it, I find a lot of things that are going on at home.

The child asks why the child is behaving this way. Doesn’t matter, the child has a diagnosis of autism or the child has a sensory issue or the child has no diagnosis. Everything combined together how it is going to impact our child.

We talked about this. I’m pretty sure you parents have recognized it. They know what is going on around the house. How every time we know how we behave, it reflects our children. We need to correct that for us. Until unless we figure that out we cannot stay in denial. If we we have to do the right thing to get the right result.

If we are denying no nothing is going on with us everything is perfect, then we cannot do the change what we want what we how we expect our child to behave. So once we figure that out, then there are things needs to be done. You need to do with your child and to yourself. First of all, we have to focus to see what we can put together how we are going to calm ourselves because the things I am going to show you you need to do with your child.

I’m going to show you some breathing technique of breathing exercises to be done. Yes, just to do the simple breathing exercise the kid I’m talking about 13 years old, he struggled he had a really difficult time to be able to sit and do able to do the things. There are a lot of factors playing on and so we need to Stan, the moment.

I talk about breathing exercise, it’s kind of feels like a joke like a parent.

I’m going to grant that I say we need to do the breathing exercise.

Most of the time, parents, they are not aware because they don’t think about that it’s possible to do the breathing exercise with a child with a diagnosis of autism. The child is all over the place, they’re not able to calm down full of energy. Have you ever realized whenever we are all over ourselves . Have you ever wonder how we are breathing, are we able to breathe properly.

The moment we are not able to breathe properly, we’re more warmed up. This is something we need to recognize, we need to understand what we can do, so that we can change the breathing. First , we need to recognize that that we need to change our breathing, then we can help the child.

When we talk about breathing, so this sounds like it’s a tough something big mountain to climb. Ava my child cannot sit still for a second and cannot listen to anything just all over the place. How the child is going to do breathing exercise I understand. Just think about it. By doing the breathing exercise, that’s the one of things are going to change.

So this is how we are going to do breathing exercises. When we talk about we always think about breathing means we are going to do inhaling. Yes, inhaling is going to happen. We need to understand EP XL, then we are going to inhale, the installation will happen automatically. But first of all, we are going to work on excelling. And you are going to be thinking like okay, what acceleration I can do.

Many times, we are so focused with so many things going around, we forget to have fun with our child to the moment we are having fun doing the breathing exercises, things will be better. So I the breathing.

Whenever I’m implementing these breathing exercises, activities, which are when and teaching the parents they were just blown away that how excited the kids that doesn’t matter what is going on, that is something so amazing. When I talk about excelling, you know children, they like to blow candle.

So though that is a learning, if we are trying to blow too hard, then nothing is going to happen. So what do you can do, you can start with, you know, holding a piece of tissue and asking a child, a little girl with autism almost six years old. And

I was teaching her to do the blowing exercise she has difficult to blow the bubbles and so that is the next step we are going to do so I hold on a tissue and I asked the kid to do blow the tissue. First time, she felt that she tried to go too close to blow heart that did not work.

And then even she was like, then laying down but you will be amazed that I am I’m also demonstrating how I am doing. I’m holding a tissue for her and tissue. Then I am demonstrating so she’s trying to copy and eventually that becomes so much fun she started enjoying.

So, we need to do that by doing this you can hold on to a tissue or else you can hold on to a feather or you can make tissue balls, but we want it to be effective. It has to be because we don’t want a child or adult to all slouched over trying to blow.

There are two ways can be done the child can be standing and hold in front you demonstrate do it and you ask the child to do blowing it holding on to a feather doing a tissue or else I started also with the child I what I did I made tissue balls and on the mat I put three It was kind of a competition which ball is going to fall off the mat, you can do that or you can draw a line and then put the ball so that how which ball they can actually blow to cross the line first you can number them 123 who which ball will be the winner.

You can also see how many blurs is essential for you to do so that becomes a new can involve actually you have another child you can enable because this is a question bind effort is this breathing exercise is going to help everyone to you because you are doing it, that blowing, excelling, what happens, the moment the child is blowing, they are going to inhale. You do not have to worry about inhaling. Once they are excelling, they are going to inhale, there is no choice they have to inhale.

How can we make it fun, doesn’t matter how they will any age group, any children, I see, no matter what condition they are, they are able to do it, they can. This is something believing and changing, bringing your positive energy and understanding this is essential. If the acceleration the breathing exercises happens, we can do this, I am going to teach you in my next video that what else you can do. First of all, you are going to do this as a makeup routine.

You are going to do this at least twice a day, in the morning, and in the evening. No matter what is going on, take a few minutes out, it does not take five to 10 minutes out every single day. And plan how you’re going to do because you do not need to go by and you can do the bubble also blowing the bubble chill. But that the next step, see which one works.

I know the tissue, it was just amazing how the Katie who she was having problem after I demonstrate a few time she is sitting upright, then we could advance to other things, then we can work on other breathing exercises. But first, we need to work on excelling.

This is the goal you are going to start feeling amazing enough by doing this, your child will be able to calm down the energy is going to really flow through the whole body and it is going to you will see after doing that.

After you do the breathing exercise, anything you want to achieve, make a small goal that you want your child to perform that is going to happen. So and you will see the child is not physically not all over the place and has been become calm, the positive behavior we’re looking for.

That’s going to happen. So this is the beginning. This is the beginning of your journey. You keep doing that. Then I am going to show you next time we’re going to do how you can do add other things with it. See you next time. Bye now.