What is the meaning of “synergy” in your name?

July 8th, 2019

The noun “synergy” is commonly used in such sciences as physics and chemistry to define the interaction of multiple elements in a system that produces an effect greater the sum of what could be produced by each individual element acting alone.

That is how we look at our team of health professionals. We work individually, but we consult and share knowledge with each other. The effect, we know from experience, is that our team together is more powerful and effective than if we all worked separately.

We also love the origin of the word “synergy.” It comes from the Greek word “synergia” meaning “working together.”

That is one aspect of our choice of synergy in our name, and there are two others.

We also extend the meaning to move further than our own team to include the synergy between the patient, the therapist and the referring physician.

When we all work together, we can achieve a higher level of wellness for our clients.

Finally, we seek synergy in the human body, a condition achievable when all parts of the body work with each other, the way they are intended.