Hip Issues

Hip Fractures

As the population ages, the number of hip fractures that occur each year rises. A fracture of the hip in an aging adult is not simply a broken bone. It is a life-threatening illness. The hip fracture itself is rarely a difficult problem to solve. But once the fracture occurs, it brings with it all the potential medical complications that can arise when aging patients are confined to bed. The complications are what can turn a simple break into a life-threatening illness.

Artificial Hip Dislocation Precautions

Hip surgeries such as total joint replacement and hemiarthroplasty require the surgeon to open the hip joint capsule. This puts the hip at risk of dislocating after surgery. Patients follow special precautions after surgery about which hip positions and movements need to be avoided to keep the hip from dislocating. While you are in the hospital, your health care team will remind you often about the need to follow these hip precautions. Once you get home, you will have to remember to follow these…