What can be done for multiple fingertips that will not straighten?

My grandmother has multiple fingertips that will not straighten all the way. She says that they do not bother her but they look stuck. Should I take her to the doctor? What could they do for her? It seems you are describing mallet finger– a condition where the tendon that helps to straighten your fingertip ruptures. Typically treatment is only sought if it becomes an aesthetic issue or interferes with your ability to do something. In your Grandmother’s case it seems that she is not bothere…Read more

Do you have tips for patients who received a pyrolytic carbon implant for osteoarthritis of the MCP joint?

I am a Physical Therapist who subscribes to your service — it has been a great help to me. Tomorrow I will be seeing two patients who both received a pyrolytic carbon implant for osteoarthritis of the MCP joint. What tips can you offer me for designing the rehab program? What do other hand therapists do for these patients? The implant is made by burning and separating hydrocarbon gas to make it chemically stable. The process makes the material biologically compatible (acceptable to the body). P…Read more

Neck pain at C56 and C57 levels — is this coming from the neck or wrist? Is it carpal tunnel syndrome?

I have neck pain and discomfort from a pinched nerve at the C56 and C67 levels. I seem to be able to manage this with positioning, posture, and some stretching exercises. Now I’m starting to have hand and finger numbness and tingling. The doctor isn’t sure if this is coming from the neck or the wrist. Could the original compressive nerve damage in the neck lead to this kind of carpal tunnel syndrome? Neck pain and carpal tunnel syndrome may have a common cause. They could be coming from damage, …Read more

What does a pulley splint do for a finger injury?

I just got this very cool metal ring for a finger injury and I’m wondering if you’ve ever heard of it? It’s called a pulley splint. Looks like jewelry. What does it really do? It sounds like you are benefitting from a newer feature in treatment related to flexor pulley injuries: a pulley splint. This type of metal ring fits over the injured pulley and provides support during the rest period needed for healing. Rock climbers and fastball pitchers experience this type of injury most often and can …Read more

Can you tell me about treatment for Dupuytren disease?

Can you tell me about treatment for Dupuytren disease? I’ve had two surgical procedures but can’t seem to maintain my finger motion. Perhaps I’m not having the right kind of treatment. Studies have gone back and forth on the best way to prevent recurrence of the nodules that form with Dupuytren contracture. Reported recurrence rates are as high as 50 per cent. Successful treatment usually requires invasive procedures such as steroid injections or surgical release of the fascia.Treatment is deter…Read more

Tell me what triggers fingers is and what causes it

Can you give me a quick tutorial on “trigger fingers” — what is it and what causes it? I know I have this problem because I have diabetes but I’m looking for a little more information than that. Trigger finger is a condition affecting the movement of the flexor tendons as they bend the fingers toward the palm of the hand. This movement is called flexion. Triggering is caused by a mismatch between the size of the tendon with its covering or lining (called the tendon sheath) and the pulley system…Read more

Can I get injections called hyaluronate for the arthritis in my hand?

I had a special series of injections called hyaluronate to my knee that worked like a charm for my arthritis. Do you think I could get this for my thumb? It’s been acting up for ages. You may be experiencing basal thumb arthritis if by acting up you mean there is pain, stiffness, and decreased pinch strength. These are symptoms often associated with degenerative changes of the trapeziometacarpal (TM) joint.The trapeziometacarpal (TM) joint is at the base of the thumb where the metacarpal bone of…Read more

What can I do to protect my trigger finger from being caught while performing my job?

I work in a meat packing plant where safety is always an issue. As a result of my work, I’ve developed a trigger finger in the ring finger of my left hand. Fortunately, I’m right-handed so it doesn’t cause too many problems. But I’m wondering what I can do to protect that finger from getting caught on things without making it difficult to do my job. There is nothing more annoying than having your finger lock up on you and not being able to open your hand. Your hand gets stuck inside pants pocket…Read more

How do I find a splint for my trigger finger?

I stopped by the local surgical supply store looking for a splint for my trigger finger. They actually had a box of different kinds to choose from. I didn’t find anything that fit or was comfortable. I don’t think ordering something on-line will work if I couldn’t fit into any of these ready-to-wear splints. What do I do now? Finger splints can be very helpful with trigger finger. They are meant to help reduce painful symptoms and stop the triggering effect. Splinting is a fairly inexpensive mea…Read more

Why won’t the electrical tests work for me for carpal tunnel?

When I went to see a hand surgeon for my carpal tunnel symptoms, I had to have nerve testing before they would do surgery. I guess the tests showed I really did have a carpal tunnel problem because I passed the test and had the surgery. Now three years later, the same wrist is acting up again. I saw the same surgeon yesterday again. This time I was told the electrical tests won’t work for me. Why not? Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) is a fairly common problem in adults, affecting people of all ages…Read more

How Does Movement of the Hand and Arm by My Therapist Help Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

I just had the most amazing experience. After suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome for three years, I saw a hand therapist who put my arm and hand through a series of positions and movements. It hurt while she was doing it but today, I am completely pain free for the first time. Can you explain how this treatment works? You may have to ask the Physical Therapist that question since we don’t know exactly what kind of treatment you had. It sounds like possibly a treatment method called neurodynam…Read moreInjuries & ConditionsAnkleArthritisUpper Back and NeckMid BackLower BackCumulative TraumaElbowFibromyalgiaFootHamstringHandHand AnatomyHand IssuesFAQsResearch ArticlesHeadHipKneeMuscle InjuryOsteoporosisPediatricShoulderTendonitisWristSports ActivitiesLifestyle ActivitiesWork ActivitiesInjury CareWomen’s Health IssuesNewslettersMAKE AN APPOINTMENT Yes, I would like to receive newsletters from Synergy Therapeutic Group.