Ask Subrat: Water# 1 Is there a right and wrong way to consume it?

October 19th, 2020

October 15 2020 Drinking Water Part 1

Mon, 10/19 6:29AM • 12:40


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Hello, everyone, this is Subrat  Benipati . I’m a physical therapist. We treat people with chronic pain or acute pain. We try to treat them naturally. Over many, many years, and even a few last week, we have received a lot of requests from everybody asking me to explain, a few things that have to happen before we try to treat their condition. The number one thing I talk about is drinking water? The question is regarding drinking water?

People always have other questions such as how much they have to drink? So I’ll try to answer all those questions that people have asked me in the past. Now, Why is drinking water so important? Because it is the only beverage your body truly recognizes. Depending upon sex and age our bodies are made up of around 70% water.  So if we consume water properly our body operates properly. Without water we become dehydrated and that in itself can create to many other problems.. And it sometimes can create so much a problem that can kill you. Especially when  we are talking about chronic pain patients, if they are on a lot of medication, some of the medications can help in certain areas and cause dehydration which makes your mouth dry. 

When drinking water, it doesn’t matter if you have pain, no pain, wether you are on medication or not drinking water is extremely important.  One of the many questions I have been asked “I know Im suppose to consume water but  how much? There have been many responses to that question from others like “1 liter per day” or “8 glasses per day” actually it does not really matter what others tell you about quantity.

Listen to our body

We need to listen to our own body. Your body is the one who’s going to tell you how much water and when you are going to drink. The problem is and this really happens, we stop listening to our body. So actually, our body tells us what to do. When it is ready to consume there is a thirst trigger, and there’s a reason why when a thirst trigger does not happen, we do not get thirsty. 

I’m going to cover that today in this post. Keep Reading! Drink water whenever you can. or whenever you feel thirsty. Things like sweating in the summertime, when this happens you are losing a lot of water. You drink water is wintertime, of course you are going to get thirsty, Even in winter we still need to drink water.  I can tell you one story. When I first came to the United States, initially, we went to a restaurant to eat The server asked me what I would like to drink. I told the server I wanted water.  when she brought the water she had filled the whole glass with ice. With a little bit of water. . I had wanted water with a few pieces of ice.  I have seen we do that sometimes. 

Ice water?

So why I’m emphasizing this is simple.  Have you ever been in or have you visited someone in the hospital. ? You notice they are not allowed to drink fluids. Maybe they had a surgery or something like that. You or the person you are visiting may get thirsty and because of the fluid restriction what do they do instead, They bring Ice chips. When you give people ice chips, it actually mimics and suppresses your thirst center, so you don’t become thirsty anymore.

This is exactly what happens when we drink ice water. You then drink a little bit, then it kind of triggers and actually tricks it into thinking it isn’t thirsty any longer. Therefore incorrectly signaling that your body has had enough water when in fact it has not. What is the best thing to do? Drink room temperature water. If you are drinking room temperature water, you will find yourself drinking more because it is not triggering or not suppressing your thirst center.

Now you might ask well, I dont like drinking room temperature water, what should i do. You can add a few chips of ice if you must.  Remember drinking water filled with ice to fast can create a headache similar to when we eat ice cream to quickly. So you know, the water is too cold. Keep it room temp or just a little cooler,  Drink it slowly.

Water Drinking

Water drinking, actually helps with a lot of stuff.  Your mouth is alkaline your stomach is acid. So when you drink water, it brings the alkaline and it balances IN your stomach. So when you drink water, drink it slowly so that you’re not going to choke or if you are on a lot of medication. Obviously you not only drink water with medication but you also have to drink water to flush the medicine out before it creates more problems like dehydration.  I want to drink water however  i dont like the flavor what can I do? People find different reasons for not liking water

City Water

Okay, maybe your city water is not very good. I’m going to get to that in a minute. Or you do not like the taste of a plain water. Maybe you are drinking soda for too long. You probably love the fizziness of the water. It can be easily remedied very, very easily and simply maybe you love the fizziness but you need to figure it out on your own. These are just tips I’m giving you because water drinking is extremely healthy, it can change many things. It can produce you know a lot of stuff like if your digestion is bad or you have other issues going on just drinking water can help tremendously.

I like fizziness!

Now suppose you like the fizziness. There is a machine called a soda stream that adds fizziness to your water.  So you are going to drink water more. Maybe you don’t like the fizziness and you want some kind of flavor. The worst thing you can do is ass artificial flavor to your water. Have a glass jar and you take the water and you add anything you like or love. Add slices of lime.

Wash it up, slice it, put it in there. You can add natural mint leaves. You can add strawberries or any fruit you like, but make sure it’s not a fruit heavy in sugar. Usually any kind of citrus that can actually improve your waters flavor tremendously and you can drink that all day long.

Make it that night and you can drink it or you can share it with your friends and family whoever is drinking water.  Sometimes in the office i prepare this water. We infuse it you by putting ginger, mint leaf and sometimes we put some Apples or oranges whatever is available and fresh. 

So firstly I’d say temperature it has to be room temperature. Second thing if you do like to drink it plain you can add the flavor. Third and most importantly thing is like which type of water is better. Well I know many people they say my water in my city is not very good. I don’t like it. So they buy bottled water because maybe they think water drinking is good. Maybe they heard from me I’m telling them  to go ahead and drink plenty of water. So they buy a bottled water. 

  I am going to talk about that in my next blog about bottled water because that itself is going to take a quite a bit time just to talk about bottle water. Is it good. It is not good. If you dont like bottled water them what.   So today I covered that water is a must. Its is a basic source of life our body requires, there is no other choice. If you want to drink soda or iced tea or anything, maybe whenever you go out to eat or something like that, Its ok to occasionally drink, that’s okay.

Water is the source of your whole drinks in a whole day. If you’re drinking couple of cups of coffee in the morning, that’s okay. Okay, but your majority of things to drink  has to be water.  the first thing we change, anybody who comes to our clinic, that you need to drink plenty of water without that nothing else is going to change.

And the second thing that is a challenge, but you have to work yourself up to that. So don’t worry about it, how much you are drinking, you know, not to major or anything like that, don’t worry about it, because what we really want you to do is to listen to your own body to get thirsty. But again, if you’re drinking too much cold water, you’re thirsty trigger is going to be surprised.

So you are not going to drink much water. Because you drink a couple of sips, you feel satisfied. That’s it.  So more you get warmer water, I’m not talking about hot, I’m talking about room temperature or cooler to your comfort, not cold cold is uncomfortable. cooling is pleasurable. So if you take a glass of water, put few chips, cooling down, that is key. 

Last But not least

Last but not least, whenever you require. You can drink water all day long.  In my next blog, I’m going to talk about which one is better, because people I know many, many people, they get case after case after case, Bottled water to drink, thinking that is healthy, whatever that is, I will talk about in next weeks blog. If you like this blog please share it. Because these is useful information,  These blogs are because of you. The questions I get daily or people ask me all the time. So this is for you. Like and share thank you so much and have a wonderful day.